About Us

Cambridgeshire Educational Trust

“Bringing together communities with educational ambition”


Our Vision

Every student, parent and colleague in our trust is working together to create an exceptional educational experience based upon academic excellence, superb pastoral care and curriculum opportunity.

Our schools and colleges are in the heart of thriving communities; they maintain their local identity, whilst being supported by the trust’s:


What we share as a trust:


Retaining individual identity:

Schools and colleges reflect their communities and need to remain at their heart in an authentic way. Cambridgeshire Educational Trust allows for diversity, which reflects the individual communities served, whilst as a trust ensuring high educational standards are at the heart of all of our interactions.


Stronger together:

Cambridgeshire Educational Trust recognises that our vision for 21st century education needs to work in a context where: Cambridgeshire as a whole needs to improve outcomes for all; finances are challenging and there is a shifting landscape of emergent trusts and partnerships.
It is our genuine belief that a strong partnership, where everyone has strengths to offer, is the way to create the best in education.

The Cambridgeshire Educational Trust is a small Multi-Academy Trust operating across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and the Eastern Region. Chesterton Community College (the founding school of the Cambridgeshire Educational Trust and one of the top 100 non-selective state schools in the country) has established a reputation as an inspiring school. The strength of its ethos ensures that students from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences genuinely work and live together as a community, caring for one another and relishing the challenge of academic excellence. We achieve outstanding results for our students, ensuring progress which is significantly beyond national expectations and this is achieved through our focus on the individual child.


Every child is supported through:

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